The Magic of our very first White Lion Journey

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Sacred Journey into White Lion Magic – Entering the Soul of Africa through the Heart of the White Lion
October 2016 – Timbavati, South Africa


Well when you have spent 3 years working on a project that is driven by passion and urgency, it is wonderful to see it come into reality in such a profound manner. I am personally truly grateful to the first intrepid travelers who came on the journey with me and brought the concept into reality.

Our experience started with an amazing trip to with the wild horses of Kaapsehoop and the incredible experience of our meditation in the unicorn portal between the very old rock formations.

We continued along the golden leyline of the Nilotic Meridian up the tail of the Drakensburg (Dragon) Mountains, a massive tectonic plate which links with the East African rift valley, following part of the route of the great elephants that walk the leyline in their migration.

We meandered along the spectacular panoramic route, taken by pilgrims in search of gold before us, to incredible sites such as God’s Window and Three Rondawels.  We got to see the best vistas South Africa has to offer at the edge of the world’s third largest canyon, the Blyde River Canyon.


We were on the cusp of the Kruger to Canyon’s Biosphere, declared by the United Nations as the world’s third largest biosphere region. It is here, at the epicentre of this massive nature reserve region, in precise alignment with the great Sphinx of Giza due North, that the fabled White Lions were birthed by miraculous natural occurrence. Declared a “sacred site” by African kings for many hundreds of years due to the mysterious occurrence of snow white lions in this region only on earth, the name Timbavati means the “Place where the Starlions came down…”

We drop down over the edge of the escarpment at sunset to arrive at Tsau, the White Lions’ heartland.

We will continue the journey in the next blog so look out for it…