Read this great article where Anna Breytenbach was interviewed about interspecies communication and does it really exist. Geoff Dalglish spends time with an animal whisperer who says that we can.

We can probably thank Hollywood for popularising the idea of interspecies communication, especially in the wake of the recent wide-screen blockbusters Avatar and Alice in Wonderland. (How ironic that humanity’s disconnection from nature is so pervasive that many of us only entertain the possibility of other levels of perception – and communication – while sitting indoors, wearing 3D glasses!) Of course, interchanges between species aren’t new to movie-makers. Decades ago Rex Harrison paved the way, delighting screen audiences with his charming portrayal of Dr Dolittle, an eccentric physician in Victorian England who spoke a number of animal languages. More than any other film, though, it was The Horse Whisperer of 1998 that lent credibility to the concept, as celluloid hero Tom Booker, played by Robert Redford, helped heal a seriously injured young girl (Scarlett Johansson in one of her early roles) and her psychologically scarred horse. Fact or fancy? Can some of us really communicate with animals? I conducted a random survey, expecting ridicule, and was surprised by how many people are emphatic that not only is it possible, but desirable and important to the future wellbeing of the planet and all its inhabitants.

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