Sacred Wildlife Project

Imagine a world where wildlife is thriving and protected……

An invitation to help protect as many wildlife species from extinction as possible, by engaging the leadership and gifts of thousands of animal-loving people across the globe.

The Sacred Wildlife Project is unique as it is about bringing people together that believe that animals have something to say and are open to learning from animals. Nature has taught us everything we know. To reach harmony in life, we all need to learn how to observe Nature and learn the laws that govern our Universe. We as humans are a part of Nature and its survival.

The Project will have two main focuses:

  1. Education – A resource of up to date and real time information, wisdom, insights, experience, expertise and knowledge of many wildlife activists and passionate contributors, to saving our sacred wildlife, from all over the world.
  2. Adventures – The other focus is to help as many people personally engage with their favourite animals through immersive Adventures, to see them in their natural habitat. These Adventures, which we have successful hosted two already, have been life changing for participants. We have raised a large amount of money for the charities we were supporting and increased awareness of the plight of the white lions and African elephant.

What makes this Project unique?

This is what makes the Sacred Wildlife Project stand out amongst all the animal advocacy agencies, who are doing amazing things….

  • We want to bring the voice of the animals to the table so have the opportunity to learn from them and allow them to be our teachers, as they too are sentient beings.
  • Be the leading teachers of wildlife interspecies communication so we can all learn how to deeply understand, love and appreciate what wisdom they have to share with us.
  • How to bring in the natural systems that work so well and are intrinsic in nature, into your own personal way of living or doing business through the conscious living principles and practical tools.
  • Special interspecies collaboration and contribution opportunities for the success of all who engage in this unique level of work.

The platform (more than a website) will share a list of the most updated information about specific wildlife charities, crisis situations and initiatives happening all over the world. We will also partner with a variety of projects, trusts or charities to help fund and create awareness of their specific needs such as The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust or the Global White Lion Protection Trust. They will always be those we identify to be the most ‘grass roots’ level projects where any contribution goes directly to the protection of a wildlife species that is highly endangered.

We will also be offering access to expert interviews, blogs, forums and discussions around the wildlife and environment challenges that face each of us on a daily basis and how and what we can do to help in our small way. Education through a variety of webinars, online courses, debates and forums.

The website is currently being developed.

Why are YOU needed?

The number of wild animals on Earth has reduced by 70% in the last 40 years, due to the over consumption, hunting, poaching and habitat-destroying behaviour of humans.

It’s time to change this…

“We have a responsibility to all these forms of life on our planet because we have power over them… We need to ensure that we have enough life forms on Earth to ensure the planet’s health. But how many is enough? We simply do not know the answer to that question – though I think we should assume that it is a fairly large number and that they need protecting.”
~ Sir David Attenborough

Every human has a sacred responsibility to look after ALL sentient beings that occupy this plant. With the devastation of natural habitats and the growth of the human population, we are threatening the well-being of millions of other species. The continued unbalancing of nature and the planet cannot continue. We are part of the circle of life on this planet and therefore it is up to us to ensure it’s survival.

Let’s unite as a global community.

The Internet is one of the most powerful tools ever invented by humans to empower people.It allows us to access knowledge and wisdom from a global community. It also allows us to share meaningful experiences together in ways we’ve never been able to before, with each other and the more-than-human community.  Would you like to be able to commune and engage with wild animals in their natural habitat, from your own home?

The Sacred Wildlife Project platform will:

  1. Allow people to experience wild animals in their natural habitat, from their home.
  2. Increase awareness of the plight of our planet’s wildlife.
  3. Raise money to help protect endangered species through a variety of initiative.
  4. Offer courses, coaching and adventures for animal-loving people to make a difference and grow their nature connection.

We are already raising awareness and funds for the endangered White Lions of South Africa and the African Elephants in Kenya, through our immersive and purposeful ‘Avatar Adventure’ trips each year.So far we’ve raised a bit of money for the Global White Lion Protection Trust and The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, which has supported the re-introduction of White Lions into their natural habitat, and has sponsored several orphaned baby Elephants.

The Sacred Wildlife Project is a conscious, non-for-profit initiative co-created by three passionate, pioneering women; Tamar Peters, Christiane Pedros and Kate Solesti. We are like-hearted in our pursuit to reignite a globally culture of protection and nurturing of our wildlife. We create opportunities for animal-lovers across the globe. to stand up for what they believe in: a thriving planet with wildlife where humans and wildlife live in harmony and respect of each other.

Why we need your help?

It’s time to build a global community of thousands of animal-lovers, who want to connect with the wildlife they strive to protect. It will take each one of us joining together with the same intention for us to make a significant difference.

We want to start the development of our new, interactive, online community platform – the crucial beating heart of our global network – and catalyze the growth of this movement.

We want to create a fully interactive and robust online portal (more than just a website) which offers extensive opportunities to take action, helps manage an increased volume of members, and course participants, and enables us to carry out wildlife campaigns that deliver our mission.Our Project model is based on Contribution, Co-creation and Collaboration. We’re working with service providers that are emotionally invested in our project, believe in our cause and want to contribute some of their time and resources to help us. This helps us significantly to keep the budget as low as possible.

So we are answer the CALL….are YOU?