We are offering this Sacred Journey into White Lion Leadership to just 10 pride members who are called to join us on an adventure of a lifetime. We like to keep the group small and intimate and due to the Tsau Reserve not being open to the general public, this is a unique experience that will surely change your life. Your are invited at the request of these very sacred and highly endangered predators.

To secure your attendance on our next journey – 2018 dates still to be confirmed, a donation fee of £5,000-£6,000 (depending on room choice) will be required. A high percentage of this donation will go towards the Global White Lion Protection Trust, whom we are supporting with this initiative. A deposit of £2,500 is requested to secure your place in the pride. For more details on what is included please visit our Itinerary page.

For any questions or assistance please feel free to contact Tamar Peters via email

Registration for 2018 will only be available within the next few months. The current registration is for 2017 only.