blog2It is important for us to re-establish our heart link to other animals to understand them and learn from them as they have a lot to teach.

Here is a taster of the information I shared…….



Why are Animals Powerful?

  • They are compassionate
  • Feel despair and loss for humans
  • Understand we are limited to our 5 senses
  • Core values are connection with kin and co-existence
  • Service to the world to teach us to use our 6th sense
  • Uncorrupted link to source
  • One with nature and all that is
  • Their 6th Sens

Domestic vs Wild

  • Domestic – Humanised, attachment for survival and dependency and suffer neurosis
  • Wild – Non dependent, connected to kin, survival, no emotional trauma, flight or fight

Our Modern Way of Thinking

  • Nature is for human benefit
  • Lords of earth and owners of it
  • Superior or better than other species
  • Humans are more intelligent

What is Telepathy?

  • Direct communication like a conversation – 2 way – sending and receiving
  • We have all experienced it
  • It is not predictive or psychic
  • Completely natural
  • Not something that is new age
  • Not about body language or physical expression

How to Communicate

  • Direct your attention and intention
  • Does not have to be eye to eye or contact as some animals do not like it
  • Animals and plants are sentient beings – they think for themselves and are aware of themselves
  • They have their own purpose, roles, empathy, compassion between species and are on their own personal journey

Examples of Power Animal Meanings

  • Bear – Boundaries, Stand Your Ground
  • Black Panther – Passion, Follow Your Passion
  • Buffalo – Abundance, You are Provided For in all Ways
  • Dolphin – Playfulness, Take time to Play
  • Lions – Leadership, Courage and Power