4I wanted to share how the initiative of My Avatar Adventure came about…..

We all know the amazing story of the Avatar movie and me especially as I have now watched over 20 times. It is a story that for some reason rings SO true to my heart. I feel as if the world the story is about is real. Yes I know this may seem a little “out there” but then so is the premise of the whole movie. I can relate personally to that world and know that potentially I have been there, in my dreams, in my past or parallel lives – who knows.

The film made such an impact on me that it started me on my journey of rediscovering my own personal connection with the earth and all its creatures. This came about when I decided to “unplug” from the matrix and chose a different way of life. I walked out of a Managing Director position, got divorced, sold my house and all my personal possessions (and wow did I have a lot of them as many of us do!) and moved to a sunnier, more feeling and expressive environment close to nature. It was a real letting go of materialism, a letting go of the old paradigm of life, letting go of all that no longer made sense, felt right or was adding to my life.

It wasn’t easy! It was a painful process especially letting go of sentimental things, which in reality were not as meaningful as I first thought as the true value of their meaning were in my memories and in my heart. So I took photo’s of the things I felt a connection too but let most of them go. It was liberating at the same time because I knew I was starting again. Scary and exciting at the same time. With a few suitcases and a box or two I moved to Spain, where my deeper healing and realignment journey started. What I didn’t know then is how much it would change my life when I reconnected with nature and the animals.

After months of hibernating in my new “cave” I would call it, researching all kings of interesting topics such as quantum physics, near death experiences (as felt my old self dying and a new me waiting to be born), healing modalities such as Reiki, Access Consciousness, Theta healing, Ho’oponopono, meta physics and ton of other exhilarating subjects, I started shifting in my awareness and thoughts in a way I had never done before.

I saw nature in a different way….When I went for a walk I would have to stop and admire flowers, plants and trees everywhere I went. I saw them in a different way, they had such energy and I could feel my instinctive natural connection to each and every one of them. This to happened with the animals as my senses were heightened and every encounter I had with a another living soul (yes plants are living) was an extraordinary experience now.

I remember sitting in meditation and thinking this is what it must be like to live on Pandora in the movie! I could so relate to Jake Sully’s journey as I went through the same real life experience. After months of amazing syncronicities, incredible dreams and visions and a sudden awakening to my purpose, My Avatar Adventure was born.

More about that in my next blog…..