Spirited Business Through White Lion Consciousness

In Support of the Global White Lion Protection Trust

October 13th to the 20th 2018

Immerse yourself in South Africa’s exquisite scenery and wildlife and be drawn into the incredible energy of the Sacred White Lions of Africa. Gift yourself the time, soulful guidance and deep connection with Mother Earth, her people and her animals. This experience will give you the shifts you need to completely transform your mindset and your personal journey. It will help you to embrace the 13 Laws of LionHearted Leadership to change the world through your own work or purpose.

This is a calling to those who have to answer the call of the Sacred White Lions?

  • Are You are looking for a new way of leading in your industry or community?
  • Do You want to gain a new methodology and principles of being a conscious business and leader?
  • Do You feel the call of mother nature to reconnect with its nature,  its wildlife and its people?
  • Are You motivated to give back in some way?
  • Would You like surround yourself with like minded leaders and make meaningful connections?
  • Do You desire a life changing adventure that changes you from the inside out, that You will never forget?
  • Do You need to take time out to focus working ON your business?

By answering the call… you get to experience:

  • Immersion into Africa’s exquisite rich land, culture, people, animals and cuisine.
  • 7 days of highly valuable life-changing group leadership training and connection with renowned Conscious Leaders from all around the world including Linda Tucker, Jarvis Smith and Jason Turner.
  • Daily soul connection encounters with the sacred white lion prides at sunrise but more spectacularly during the incredible world famous African sunsets.
  • Exciting excursion to the world renowned Kruger National Park to see the incredible wildlife Africa has to offer.
  • Time spent at one of the many local community projects that the Global White Lion Protection Trust are involved in.
  • 7 Days of working on You and your Business.

Registration will Open in early 2018.

The heartstopping White Lion monitoring experience at Tsau is not open to the public and is offered to our educational and inspirational opportunity. Please observe there is a strict protocol in respect of the reintroduction of the White Lions. The White Lion Trust’s scientific monitoring vehicles do not intrude on the pride’s space, and we ensure we keep our voices to a whisper when approaching these high frequency beings in the wild. We also avoid taking cameras, zooms or spotlights into their environment and group of trusted Inner Circle people. The contact with the White Lions is a non-photographic experience. However, magnificent photographic studies of the White Lions and greeting cards are available upon request, proceeds of which are entirely given over to the protection of the White Lions in their natural habitat.

We are only inviting a maximum of 10 pride members to join us so a truly intimate experience. A donation fee of £5,000-£6,000 pp sharing (depending on room choice) will be required. A high percentage of this donation will go towards the Global White Lion Protection Trust, whom we are supporting with this initiative. A deposit of £2,500 is requested to secure your place in the pride. Single supplement available on request (only 1 available).

For bookings please go to our Registration Page.

For details on the Itinerary and Donation click on the button below. 

2018 Itinerary will be posted up by early 2018.

The  Journey into White Lion Leadership Adventure is a life changing experience that brings together like minded people who are driven to make a difference and follow their purpose and who are called by nature and the animals to help protect and share their wisdom far and wide. During this truly unique adventure, you receive powerful content, profound mind shifts, deep wisdom and connections, incredible moments and unique opportunities to give back, so you can play an even more meaningful role in life and significantly expand your ability to accomplish amazing things.

White Lions are apex predators, the capstone animal which holds in place the natural order in the ecosystem. In history, they are symbolically linked to royalty, kingship, and governance at the highest levels. They represent everything that is good and true in leadership, from their intrinsic connection to the life-sustaining sun to the guardianship, creative force and abundance that humans through the ages have associated with them.

In our human striving for excellence, purpose and fulfillment, the 13 Laws of White Lion Leadership enable each of us to connect with the LionHearted Leader within. They teach us how to work with ourselves, with each other and with nature to bring into being a state of harmony that will, ultimately, enable us to save our planet from the consequences of the terrible imbalances that our human unconsciousness has brought about. This is the kind of empowering transference of knowledge that can transform humanity, change the course of history and save the world. We will also be focusing on the Conscious Business 6 ‘C’ Principles; Consciousness,
Co-creation, Collaboration, Contribution, Culture and Community. More information on these can be found at Top Speaker Events

You won’t be the same person you were when you set out on this journey! You will have experienced the deep life changing and meaningful connections with our new friends, the White Lions. You can then share intimate knowledge of the lives of these amazing sacred beings with your memories, stories and important leadership messages they want you to share with the world. You will be encouraged to develop a whole new camaraderie with like minded people for lion conservation and a new way of leading in your business, family and community!

Be prepared to be moved to tears and laughter within minutes of each other as we embark upon this adventure together!

Registration will Open in early 2018.





Our ‘Add-On” Tour – Cape Town

New dates for 2018 will be confirmed in early 2018.

We are also offering you the opportunity to extend your stay…If you are visiting South Africa for the first time or even returning, a tour of Cape Town is a MUST.

Voted the Best City in the World in 2013, 2014 and 2016! Our wonderful private tour operators, The Cape Town Experience, have designed an excellent Itinerary to show you the very best Cape Town has to offer.

For more information and BOOKING please click here – Add On Cape Town Tour Itinerary.