Initiation White Lion Style


Wonderfully written blog from the animal communicator facilitator of my first Sacred Journey into White Lion Magic Adventure in October 2016. Joan shares great experiences while at the Tsau Reserve and one specific moment where two wonderful male white lions anchored an energy arch over our jeep that was very powerful for all the human pride members sitting in it.

Initiation White Lion Style – Blog by Joan Ranquet

“The trip of a lifetime to the Global White Lion Protection Trust certainly delivered all of the magic it promised and more. As I come home from dolphin trips and people ask me 10 million questions, I always say I have very few words to describe the experience because it is such a non-verbal communion to begin with and the words we use in our reality, simply fall short of being able to give life to the experience. And to add to the mystery here, Linda Tucker, the founder of the Global White Lion Protection Trust has a rule that no pictures are to be taken. So you have to be present. All of the lion encounters were very meditative, contemplative and present.

Linda Tucker’s initiation into the White Lions was no small adventure. In fact, it is a chilling story of her being out with family and friends in the Timbavati bush, and as they were leaving at night, their car broke down. And they found themselves surrounded by lions. Out of the bush came a Shangaan Shaman woman walking between the lions with her grandchild. The woman fearlessly led the driver away, on foot, to get another vehicle as Linda and friends waited to be saved.” READ MORE…