Gorilla and Chimpanzee

“Learn the Art of Compassion through Awakening to the Gorilla Heart” – Uganda

October 19th – 25th 2020

In Support of The Ellen Fund – (supporting Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund Org) 

Hosted by Tamar Peters


My first encounter with these amazing animals was through the film ‘Gorillas in the Mist’ with Sigourney Weaver. It really touched me deeply and ever since then I have had a longing to visit these amazing creatures in their natural habitat in Africa…

“The Kabara groups taught me much regarding gorilla behavior. From them, I learned to accept the animals on their own terms and never to push them beyond the varying levels of tolerance they were willing to give. Any observer is an intruder in the domain of a wild animal and must remember that the rights of that animal supersede human interests.” — Gorillas in the Mist

In 1967, Dr. Dian Fossey founded the Karisoke™ Research Center in Rwanda’s Virunga mountains to protect and study the endangered mountain gorillas. Although Fossey’s life was cut short, her work has continued through the Karisoke Research Center and grown into conservation efforts for other wildlife and programs for people who live near the gorillas. Read all about her journey, the work she did and the foundation that now exists from her website – https://gorillafund.org/. Among the most legendary scientists of our time, Dian Fossey went to Africa at the urging of famed anthropologist Louis Leakey and began her ground-breaking studies of gorilla behavior. She faced and overcame many obstacles and ultimately gave her life to gorilla protection.

This is a truly sacred pilgrimage into reconnecting with the land, the people, and the animals. I will hold a short “Opening of our Circle” to help us ground, connect with one another, share our hopes and/or intentions for our journey, and send us to bed with opened hearts, ready to receive what Africa has to share with us. This is a journey into Oneness for a small group of humans whose hearts are aligned with the animals and our Mother Earth. We will prepare before the trip to go deep into our hearts and intuition, enabling us to receive the elephant wisdom and messages the animals want to share with us – combining sacred science and spiritual connection for the benefit of all nature. 

Our journey will include dawn and dusk game drives, close encounters with other amazing animals such as lion, cheetah, leopard, giraffe, rhino, elephants, huge herds of wildebeest and antelope, and so much more. These experiences will help us gain a heightened understanding and connection so that each of us will return home refreshed, inspired, and with a renewed commitment to act on behalf of our endangered kin.

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This “Once in A Life Time Experience” offers:

  • Immersion into Uganda’s exquisite rich land, culture, people, animals, and cuisine for 8 spectacular days.
  • Pre-event interspecies communication online training before our trip.
  • Hosting, training, and connection with animal activist and wildlife communing expert, Tamar Peters.
  • 8 days of interspecies communing in practice with the Gorillas and Chimpanzees and all other wildlife including lions, giraffes, rhinos, elephants and hundreds of other animals in the wonderful Uganda Wildlife Reserves.
  • Exciting excursions including our very unique 4-hour Habitual Experience with the Gorillas and a 1-hour experience with wild Chimpanzees.
  • 2½hrs Launch Cruise on the Kazinga Channel, famous for near-guaranteed sightings of hippos, Nile Crocodiles, wallowing buffalo, elephants feeding on the banks of the canal, many species of water birds and so much more.
  • We will visit the famous Ishasha, which is renowned for their black-maned tree-climbing Lions often seen lazing up her fig trees.

My Avatar Adventures is a conscious organization and therefore we endeavor to ensure our tours are truly unique without being exclusive. We work with aligned service providers as we want to ensure we get the best possible value for the investment that we can for our intrepid explorers. Uganda and especially the Chimpanzee and Gorilla experiences are traditionally an ‘expensive’ option due to its huge popularity worldwide. So, we have done a lot of research to find a great consciously orientated service provider, an African tour operator to work within the interest of keeping our costs as low as possible without compromising on comfort.

There are some significant additional unique elements that we include that makes our Adventures truly life-changing:

  1. Pre-event ‘Meet-Up’ online sessions connection and sharing of intentions and meeting each other
  2. Pre-event interspecies communication training with Tamar Peters
  3. Pre-event conscious living with nature course by Tamar Peters
  4. Great wildlife photography lesson by our own very special wildlife photographer, Kathy Davis
  5. Full-time event manager and coordinator to take care of your every need
  6. On-site communing training and application with our host for the full 8 days
  7. Private, intimate and specifically designed tour to maximize our time, opportunities and experiences communing with the animals
  8. Great quality of accommodation to ensure maximum comfort while being as authentic as possible
  9. Higher quality 4×4 Land-cruiser with better comfort and viewing opportunities
  10. Daily Safari and wildlife teachings by our experts

And other BONUS items to share so please see the Itinerary…

We have room for only 5 guests (3 already sold) to join us on this truly intimate experience. The contribution to this journey is $9,997 pp sharing (+- £7,995). An Adventure deposit of $5,000 is requested to secure your place on the trip. For the first 3 people who book and pay their deposits and we reach a minimum of 5 people booked on the Adventure, you will be able to take advantage of our Early Bird discount = $500. 

Steps to Registering:

  1. Apply for attendance to join the trip by sending an email to me, Tamar Peters – myavataradventure@gmail.com.
  2. Once your application is approved you will be sent a registration form.
  3. Print out a registration form, fill it in sign and return to My Avatar Adventures.
  4. Your deposit of $5,000 will need to be paid on Registration. Balance owed by August 15th.

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TESTIMONIALS of our guests from one of our other trips in 2019 trip…..

‘This was the very best trip ever!!! Not only would I recommend it to anyone, this is my second trip with you! I went last year and just had to go back again this year. I also plan on going on another Adventure with you in the near future. Tamar is fantastic!!! She put together a beautiful trip and took care of all the details. I always felt very well taken care of. There was plenty to see and do, but it was always our choice if we wanted to participate or not…perfect! Being a Wildlife Photographer, it is very important for me to be in a small group. The size was perfect. We saw a great variety of animals and were able to spend the perfect amount of time with them, while at the same time respecting their space. Our guides were always willing to help us get into the exact right spot for the best viewing of the animals. There was also time to just “be” with the animals…slowing down and connecting energetically with them. If you’re thinking of going to Africa, this is a wonderful opportunity to experience not only seeing the animals but also connecting with them.’ – Kathy Davis, Elephant Adventure 2018 & 2019.

‘What a magical trip!! This one was at the top of my bucket list, so I had some very high expectations. This trip far exceeded anything I could imagine! Many thanks to everyone involved in providing the experience of a lifetime!’ – Beth Wofford, Elephant Adventure 2019

‘I was initially nervous to go to Africa by myself, but Avatar Adventures (Tamar) made me feel comfortable even before I left home. She did an amazing job of bringing our group together and making everyone feel welcome.  Of course, the adventure itself was incredible. We visited wonderful places and saw spectacular animals and scenery. I really appreciated going with a group and group leader who value animals and their future as much as I do and was not just doing this to make money (as most tour companies do). I cannot imagine going to Africa with anyone else but Tamar and Avatar Adventures. I hope I can go again someday’. – Kim Murdock, Elephant Adventure 2018


“Embracing the Spirit of Lake Victoria and her Secrets” 

25th to the 30th October 2020

Come and join us on our ‘Add on Tour’ which maximizes your time in Uganda giving you a different experience of this amazing country. We have some wonderful animal encounters included as well as days just to relax and soak in all the amazing wildlife encounters you would have had. It’s a great way to relax and enjoy some downtime before returning to your home countries.

Kampala is Uganda’s national and commercial capital bordering Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake. Hills covered with red-tile villas and trees surround an urban center of contemporary skyscrapers. Bustling Kampala makes a good introduction to Uganda. It’s a dynamic and engaging city, with few of the hassles of other East African capitals and several worthy attractions to keep you occupied for a couple of days. As the heartland of the Buganda kingdom, Kampala has a rich and colorful history, visible in several fascinating palaces and compounds from where the nation was run until the arrival of colonialism.

Kampala has several faces. There’s the impossibly chaotic jam of central Kampala, its streets thronging with shoppers, hawkers, and the most mind-bogglingly packed bus and taxi parks you’re ever likely to see. As you head up Nakasero Hill, you quickly hit Kampala’s most expensive hotels and the urban core fades into something of a garden city. The contrast is thoroughly Ugandan, and just another reason many people love Kampala. 

Entebbe is a town on a peninsula, part of Kampala. Area beaches include busy Lido Beach, near Entebbe International Airport. The lakeside Uganda Wildlife Education Centre protects native animals in wetland, forest, and savanna habitats. Nearby, Entebbe Botanical Garden has diverse plants, birds, and monkeys. Also close by is the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, which protects orphaned chimps.

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We will be visiting two great places – Uganda Wildlife Education Centre and the Ng’amba Chimpanzee Sanctuary to gain even more information and education on what Uganda is doing to help protect its wildlife. Both are such amazing experiences so hopefully, you will join us. Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC). The Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre (Entebbe Zoo) is located 15 minutes from Entebbe International Airport, 36 kilometers from Uganda’s capital Kampala. The center cares for rescued animals, often victims of the bushmeat trade, habitat destruction, or illegal trade. Individuals that can make it in the wild, are released back.  Ng’amba Chimpanzee Sanctuary, is a chimpanzee caregiver center and orphanage located on Ngamba Island in Lake Victoria, Uganda. Situated 23kms and a 90min boat ride off the jetty at Entebbe, the island’s 100 acres of rain-forest supports a rich diversity of wildlife and natural foods as well as ample roaming space and habitat for the current 49 orphaned chimpanzees in her care; most of them rescued by Uganda Wildlife Authority from illegal poachers and considered unlikely to survive if reintroduced into the wild.  Chimpanzees, considered man’s socially and genetically closest relatives, are one of The Great Apes family of primates and listed in the IUCN’s red list of endangered species due to habitat loss and illegal poaching for bushmeat as well as pets. 

More information and details including prices are available on the Itinerary…

For details on the ‘Add On’ Tour Itinerary and what’s included click on the button …