Dolphin Adventure


“Igniting Your Soul through the Wild Dolphins Spirit” – Mozambique

19th to the 25th August 2019

In Support of the Dolphin Encounters Research Centre


6 incredible days spent in nature with wild Dolphins connecting at a deep level for their guidance and healing.

We have co-created this ‘once in a life time’ Adventure with Dolphin Encountours Research Center and Angie Gullan who runs it.Since 1995 Angie Gullan has been sharing the magical wonder of coming face to face with the wild #dolphinsofponta, pioneering the way in ethical, educational and responsible practice for tours with these sentient non-human persons whom she calls the people of the sea.

ENCOUNTOURS cater for the discerning dolphin enthusiast and offer an intimate look into the lives of our local dolphins while funding research & conservation efforts in the Reserve. They have a  culture of carer’s and creators who prove that ethical & educational marine mammal tourism can be achieved when merging both spirit and science. They feel that a close & moving experience with dolphins and whales in their own environment is the best way to conserve them for future generations.

Angie Gullan – “We invite you to take the plunge, face your fears & experience something truly magical when coming face to face with sentient, non-human persons! The past two decades have been spent nurturing a friendship and creating opportunities for human dolphin encounters to take place that works within the realms of ‘conscious interaction’. We work with a gregarious, population of dolphins affectionately called the Dolphins of Ponta who find home in the coastal shallows of the Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve which borders iSimangaliso World Heritage Site within the Lubumbo Transfrontier Conservation Area of South Africa & Mozambique. This Adventure will specialize in creating a safe space for intimate encounters to take place with wild dolphins while contributing to their wellbeing. ENCOUNTOURS are happiest when we are out in the field, checking in on our finned friend’s and are deeply committed to our role in protecting their environment. Through our research & conservation arm DolphinCareAfrica, they have collected and maintained a long term data set and have historical records by means of images and video archived with over 8000 entries and ~250 individuals cataloged. Lineage has been tracked on resident females, some as far as 5 generations….”

Madeleine Walker will be our wonderful interspecies communicator joining us and helping us to deeply connect with these very intelligent and amazing creatures during our week with them in Mozambique.

We will spend 6 days and 5 nights journeying together in the beautiful blue waters of Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique, learning the subtle art of interspecies communication and guided by the intelligent and healing nature of the dolphins and other sea wildlife swimming freely in their endemic environment. Learn about the sacred and long history of the connection between humans and dolphins since the beginning of time. Madeleine Walker, our interspecies communicator will be sharing her divine knowledge and techniques so that we may open to receive the messages of these and other great sea life.

For details on the Itinerary and what’s included click on the button … Coming soon!

This is a truly sacred pilgrimage into reconnecting with the sea, the animals and local people. We will prepare before the trip to go deep into our hearts and intuition, enabling us to receive the dolphin messages and healing (where necessary) and combining sacred science and spiritual connection for the benefit of all nature. Our journey will include morning encountours where we get to jump into the waters and swim with any dolphins who choose to join us. These experiences will help us gain a heightened understanding and connection, so that each of us will return home refreshed, inspired, healed and with a renewed commitment to act on behalf of our endangered kin.

This Once in A life Time Experience offers:

  • Immersion into Mozambique’s exquisite rich land, culture, people, animals and cuisine for 6 spectacular days.
  • Hosted, co-created and facilitated by animal activist and conscious Thought Leader Tamar Peters.
  • Training and knowledge sharing by Angie Gullan about the Dolphin project and our encounters with them.
  • Training and connection with renowned animal communicator Madeleine Walker.
  • 6 days of interspecies communing in practice with the Dolphins and all other sea life including turtles, fish, rays, whales and so much more…
  • Exciting afternoon or full day excursion to other locations: a 4×4 drive to the next village of Malongane to enjoy a sundowner over the lake, a day in the Maputo Special Wildlife Reserve to Elephants and other amazing safari wildlife and 2hr guided hike to lighthouse at sunset with spectacular views of iSimangaliso to the south & Mozambique to the north.
  • Time spent with helping to clean up the beaches from all the plastic and debris that threatens all the sea life.

Avatar Adventures is a conscious organisation and therefore we endeavor to ensure our tours are truly unique without being exclusive. We work with aligned service providers as we want to ensure we get the best possible value for investment that we can for our intrepid explorer’s. Mozambique is a wonderful location to swim with Dolphins and has been visited by many animal loving enthusiasts from around the world.  So, we have done a lot of research to find a great consciously orientated service provider to work within the interest of keeping our costs as low as possible without compromising on comfort.

There are some significant additional elements that we include that makes our Adventures truly unique:

  1. Pre-event online sessions connection and sharing of intentions and meeting each other
  2. Pre-event interspecies communication training by Madeleine Walker
  3. Pre-event conscious living with nature course by Tamar Peters
  4. Full time event manager and coordinator to take care of your every need
  5. On site training and application with our interspecies communicator for the full 6 days
  6. Private,intimate and specifically designed tour to maximize our time, opportunities and experiences communing with the animals
  7. Other day or half day excursions to appreciate all the wonderful sites and wildlife in the area
  8. Good quality of accommodation to ensure maximum comfort while being as authentic as possible

And other BONUS items to shared in the itinerary…

We have room for only 10 guests to join us on this truly intimate experience. The the contribution for this journey s $2,997 pp sharing (+- £2,300). An Adventure non refundable deposit of $1,500 is requested, to secure your place on the trip. For the first 3 people who book and pay their deposits and we reach a minimum of 6 people booked on the Adventure, you will be able to take advantage of our Early Bird discount of 10% = $299. Just 3 available and they go super quick.

Steps to Registering:

  1. Apply for attendance to join the trip by sending an email to me, Tamar Peters –
  2. Once your application is approved you will be sent a registration form.
  3. Print out Registration form, fill it in sign and return to My Avatar Adventures.
  4. Your deposit of $1,500 will need to be paid on Registration.

For details on the Itinerary and what’s included click on the button … Coming soon!