At Avatar Adventures we have the great honour of working with some of the best conscious leaders in the fields in the world. One of our principles is to collaborate with like-minded people who are passionate and very dedicated to what they do. Their values are so aligned with our own mission and vision and so we are privileged to be able to co-create great adventures to share with the world.

Here is information on all of the wonderful people we work with on a variety of different adventures or initiatives starting with sharing a little about myself….

Elephant Adventure – Collaborators


I am fortunate enough to be the Founder and CEO of two amazing conscious businesses – Top Speaker Events & My Avatar Adventures. As part of our services we offer the opportunity for businesses and business owners to take the ‘leap’ from the old paradigm of business to the more conscious new paradigm of business and being. I offer this through a variety of ways, mentoring/coaching, consultancy and experiential events to reconnect with nature in support of endangered wildlife species.

I have always wanted to have the opportunity of working one on one with leaders in their industry to help create the Changemakers and Thought Leaders of this world. Over the past 5 years after much research, testing and implementing different conscious business models, I have now created my own powerful version I know will help change the way in which we do business globally.

I have now developed my own version of conscious business and Leadingship which embraces the 6 ‘c’ principles Consciousness, Co-creation, Collaboration, Contribution, Culture and Community. Through these 6 principles you can build your legacy.

I offer 26 years of business experience in a variety of areas including business management, mentoring and coaching, event directorship and creation, managing directorship and entrepreneurship. I am described as one of the most “respected and knowledgeable women in her field” and known for my high standards, caring nature, total commitment, integrity and honesty.

My love for travel, nature, the environment but especially for animals and particularity endangered wildlife species, has encouraged me to create a truly unique service and offering to those Changemakers and Thought Leaders emerging through this paradigm shift in consciousness throughout the world and all industries. I am passionate about people and what their dreams are and the gift they have to offered the world. I teach that we can link passion with profit, sales with service and money with meaning. and 



Internationally known speaker, author and educator, has been a professional animal communicator, communicating telepathically with animals since 1992. She works with individual animal guardians, trainers and holistic veterinarians, assisting in solving behavioral problems, understanding health problems, healing past traumas, and facilitating understanding between humans and non-humans.

She has also participated in projects developing energetic healing modalities for animals. In addition to working daily with companion animals, Kate has worked with wild animals learning about their inter-relationships and their roles in balancing the Earth. She has provided advisory support at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Texas.

Kate is a recognized authority and sought-after speaker on dog and cat nutrition and diet planning. Since 1997, she has taught people how to make healthy, balanced meals for their companions. Kate has also provided support for supplement development and frozen food recipes for cats & dogs. Kate has written on interspecies communication and dog and cat nutrition for Animal Wellness Magazine, Tiger Tribe, Wolf Clan, Best Friends, Species Link, and NAPPS (National Association of Professional Petsitter) magazines.

Kate has authored and published seven books in nine languages. Including: Conversations with Dog, Conversations with Cat, Conversations with Horse, The Holistic Animal Handbook, and co-edited Kinship with Animals with Michael Tobias. In 2016, Kate’s newest books, Love Lessons from Dogs and Love Lessons from Cats were published in Japanese


Lion Adventure – Collaborators


After being rescued by a Tsonga medicine woman from a dangerous encounter with a pride of lions in 1991, Linda Tucker gave up a career in international marketing and fashion to become a conservationist. Since this time, she has dedicated her life to the urgent protection of the critically endangered White Lions, regarded as the King of Kings by African elders. Despite their rarity and cultural importance, the White Lions have no protected status and may be trophy hunted in the wild and in captivity. To ensure the survival of this legendary animal, Linda Tucker has raised millions of dollars in a long-term strategy to secure large tracks of protected wilderness territory in the White Lions’ ancestral heritage lands.

Linda is the CEO of the Global White Lion Protection Trust (WLT), a leader in community-based conservation, which she founded after nearly 10 years of intensive research on both the cultural and conservation importance of the White Lions in this region. Over 2 decades, the WLT has established a strong track record of creating mutual benefits for Lions, Land, and People.

In 2000, together with her partner Lion Ecologist, Jason A.Turner, and a team of specialists, Linda Tucker was responsible for returning White Lions back to their natural endemic habitat, after decades of artificial removals from their natural system had rendered them virtually extinct. Since this time, the non-profit organisation has been implementing a multi-level strategy which includes White Lion Protection Plan™, a carefully monitored scientific reintroduction program of White Lions into their ancestral lands and the protection of the cultural heritage of the Sepedi and Tsonga peoples who honour the White Lions as sacred. Educated in Cambridge University (1980s), and trained in indigenous knowledge systems by African shamans (1994-2001), Linda Tucker is regularly invited as special guest speaker at international congresses, public events, and TV interviews.

Her life has been featured in numerous cover stories, with an exclusive interview in Forbes Magazine 2013. Her story is the subject of a full-length documentary for National Geographic, and has been covered extensively in over 30 international TV programs including Reuters, CBS, Animal Planet and NHK Japan. At the Wild9 Congress (Mexico, with delegates from 54 countries) in 2009, she had a Resolution passed calling for the protection of the White Lions by international governments and appropriate bodies. In 2012, she founded the White Lion Leadership™ Academy attended by local community leaders and students from around the globe, promoting LionHearted leadership principles in transforming our world.In 2015, She received Woman of Impact Award, Focus on Woman, Maryland, USA her first book, Mystery of the White Lions, published in 2001 after 10 years of research on the cultural and legendary aspects of the mysterious White Lions, is now translated and published in 5 different languages, including Japanese.

Her new biography, Saving the White Lions (2013) is a best seller. It tells the extraordinary story of rescuing the famous white lioness Marah from a trophy killing camp, and is currently in script form being adapted for a Hollywood movie. Linda Tucker lives in the White Lions heartlands, in the epicenter of the United Nation’s declared Kruger-to-Canyon Biosphere region, together with Jason A. Turner, and the White Lion prides they have rescued and successfully rewilded in a ground-breaking scientific reintroduction project.



As a “Story Midwife” Christiane Pedros passionately develops the storylines of cutting edge global Changemaking brands and thought leaders engaged in generating social, spiritual and ecological change.

She is the founder of the Brand Heroes Academy – a Consultancy based enterprise that empowers Changemakers to turn their purpose into profitable business brands. She developed a methodology called Istory Brand and the Changemakers Blueprint that draw on the archetypal identity and personal story of a leader to highlight their natural authority and unique leadership essence.

As a passionate community builder of transformational ventures that usher in a ways of life that harmonises with the intelligence of nature, the animal world the and the sacred, Christiane set up the Spiritpreneur Alliance in 2012 to inspire a more heart centred style of Enterprise; culminating in an online global conference, the project united 25 international social entrepreneurs committed to infusing dynamic spiritual and natural health principles into the business world.

It was this collaborative venture which brought Christiane to the Fountain Alliance in 2012, a U.S based organisation with a global mission to create of a new sacred economic paradigm, bridging the original teachings of indigenous cultures with the modern world of entrepreneurship, to bring balance and harmony to life on Earth.

One of her projects within the Alliance is to produce a Documentary Film Series called Ancestors Rise. With the mission to pass on the wisdom of our earth’s original cultures and strengthen the inter-generational link between youth and elders, to preserve ancestral wisdom and share it with humanity at a time of planetary crisis,  supporting our collective awakening.

As a ‘Story midwife’ and guide to empowering people to align with their soul mission she is a lifelong student of what it means to embody our highest transformational potential to make a difference.  Christiane works as a Minister of Earth based prayer, leads ancestral healing ceremonies and works with the plant and animal world to facilitate inner transformation for Changemakers as they step out of their old identity and into their calling.

To this day she accredits her White Canadian Shepherd as her biggest teacher in life, leading her from the head into her heart and from fear to love. Christiane believes that animals and nature are the most powerful midwifes that will help us humans evolve into the promise of the coming age of unity consciousness.