Conscious Business Is the ONLY way

Businesses are confronted with unprecedented changes and complexity. Increased competition from emerging countries, global geopolitical and resource crises, and the need to engage employees on a deeper level demand that we change the way we conduct business. The old business or leadership model of dominance and subservience is obsolete. Organizations have discovered that inspiring employees to reach peak performance is significantly more effective than pushing or controlling them.

The business world are experiencing a shift in management dynamics from a hierarchical top-down approach to a circular and more natural model of equality, shifting our personal and professional relationships from a place of competition to collaboration. It is time for business to integrate profit with purpose, sales with service and money with meaning.

What is Conscious Business?

This concept is about people who are aware of the impact their habits and actions have on their organization and their environment. These types of businesses are run by people who know about their strengths and weaknesses, and who are ready to conduct business in a more engaging and inspiring way.

Conscious Business require conscious leaders that do not exercise dominance and control to reach a goal, but who are of service to the business, its people, its customers and the community. Leaders, who inspire with inner strength, clarity and direction, and who provide an environment for personal and organizational growth as well as positive impact on the industry they work in.

Why is this Nature’s way?

Business is about people. Without people business doesn’t exist. People are human animals, so reconnecting with other animals and nature is not that far removed when linking business to animals and nature. Through our technology advancement, increased money focus, needing to own possessions and a number of other factors we have become detached from nature so much we are not longer truly connected to it. Yet when we want to relax, take time out and rejuvenate, we immediately want to go back to connecting with nature by going to the beach, the mountains, and safaris spending more time with each other, our pets, our families in environments that are relaxing and rejuvenating – NATURE!

The real „natural“ element of this model comes from nature itself. We use the wisdom of nature and animals to help us understand the changes we need to make personally and professionally. The sacred wisdom of the land, the culture of it’s people, the ancient story of the animals and their coexistence with humans, avails us the new direction we need for the Conscious Business  6 ‘C’ principle model:

  • Consciousness – being more connected with ourselves, our environment, personal purpose and business purpose
  • Co-creation- allowing ideas, concepts and vision from those who work with us to form the design of our business
  • Collaboration – working with like minded service providers to enhance and add to our offering
  • Contribution – giving back to our team, our clients and to worthy causes with our time and not just money
  • Culture – to encourage a culture of inclusion and participation
  • Community – build a community within our business of prosperity and engagement of all parties involved

Through our project initiative Avatar Adventures, we deliver this business model through a variety of ways, either one to one consultancy, or through our Natural Business Adventures taught through life changing content co-presented with the wildlife organisation we are working with for that specific Adventure. More information can be found at