And so the Journey into White Lion Magic Begins!

So we have just two days before we actually leave Johannesburg to start our journey to the White Lions. All of the pride members are arriving in the next 48 hours, 18th October 2016. SOOO excited as many of them have not been to Africa so they are in for a great treat.

I wanted to share some FACTS about the White Lions that is worth a read as shows how unique and rare they are an why they are so important to us human animals and our survival in this very disturbed world.

Key White Lion Facts

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We will be learning about the wonderful people of the local area and of course the 12 Laws of Lion Hearted Leadership from the amazing Linda Tucker and Jason Turner who are so passionate about the survival of these highly endangered king of kings.

Common Questions

If you are interested in finding out more about next years trip please get in contact.