About Us

We are a Conscious based organisation offering Purposeful Adventures, in support of specific Wildlife projects. 
“These Adventures were created out of a personal desire of mine to help support specific species of wildlife through engaging experiences where we could reconnect at a deep level to the land, people and animals. Through this heart connection using interspecies communication, which I had personally experienced, I realized how powerful it could be in helping us humans to change at a deep level and be more committed to helping wildlife, the planet and our own survival as a species.” – Tamar Peters, Founder.

Our Mission

To build a bridge, through our Adventures, to reconnect humans and animals so as to empower their protection and survival. To preserve the endemic lands and as much of the wildlife as possible, through deep connection, education and positive action.

Our Vision

Offer a variety of unique life changing Adventures that our guests can experience, so they transform at a deep level and be inspired to rise up and make a difference.

Our Guiding Values & Principles

Our work is based on the following values of integrity, honesty, transparency, love and inspiration. Our Adventures are based on 7 “C’s” principles:

  1. Consciousness – being more connected with ourselves, our environment, personal purpose and greater purpose of our planet. What is our foot print?
  2. Compassion – to have empathy with all sentient beings we share this planet with and being of service
  3. Co-creation – allowing ideas, concepts and vision from all those who embrace, nature the animals and humans to help us design a better world for us all.
  4. Collaboration – working with all inhabitants of this planet to learn and spread the sacred and ancient knowledge and wisdom. We are ONE and only together in harmony can we all thrive.
  5. Contribution – giving back in any way we can by sharing resources, information, time but most of all our passion and determination to make a difference. Learning to receive as well as we give.
  6. Culture – to encourage a culture of inclusion and participation with all others.
  7. Community – build a community of like minded souls for the betterment of our lives and those of all the creatures on this planet.

No beings are separate from each other or Nature. We are totally interrelated and our actions have consequences to all. What we do to the animals we do to ourselves. What we do to the Earth we do to ourselves.Transforming the way we see and relate to the world and the possibilities for the future, is a powerful way to effect change.

We do these Adventures in support of the Global White Protection Trust, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Dolphin Encountours Research Center and other grassroots projects. A large percentage of the Donations paid by attendees on some of our adventures goes directly to the charities/projects we are supporting. 50% of any profit that is generated through my own Conscious Lifestyle and Business Mentoring and Coaching business, goes to the support of specific projects for each of these Trusts. It is our way of giving back, contributing and getting ‘hands on’ with saving our planet’s endangered wildlife.

We are big supporters of Purposeful Tourism and Conscious Business so we have taken the KeepitWild Pledge…

From the KeepItWild website: It’s simple, our choices create ripples that impact all living things. How we vote, what we buy, and what we stand up for. We know that many good people have no idea that when they choose to swim with dolphins they are fostering an industry that removes them from the wild, often violently. Many don’t know that when they choose to ride elephants they are forcing an animal into a life of unnatural servitude. Some people call this supply and demand. We call it wrong. We believe we can right much of this wrong, but only if we’re ready to work together, and that means Business + Media + Travelers. A triple force aimed to keep it wild. The KEEPitWILD Pledge is a commitment to choose only the travel experiences that follow ethical viewing and interaction standards. Read about the steps you can take in your life, and join a movement towards awareness and compassion for all living things. Ironically, it’s pretty simple too. More information can be found at their website www.seethewild.org

We also have promotional partners who help us to get our educational adventures out into the main stream market, as there is a growing interest and desire for travelers to experience more than just holidays or safaris. So we have partnered with Holidays for Humanity and Spiritual Journey’s Worldwide.