Avatar Adventures – We are a conscious based organisation offering purposeful adventures, in support of specific endangered wildlife projects whilst allowing people to reconnect with their natural being, through the social intelligence of the animal world and the traditional ways of original cultures.

Our  programmes are based on purposeful, transformative adventures that go well beyond a traditional experience of a safari or wildlife encounter. We adventure at the invitation of our endangered wildlife, who requests us to visit, immerse ourselves to learn from their ancient wisdom, behaviours and teachings.

These experiences are an extraordinary opportunity to explore your own heart, spirit, humanity and purpose. There is no experience on the planet, where you can learn life transforming wisdom, in such an immersive and sacred environment.

A recent interview by Journey Exploring Possibilities – https://bit.ly/2nQSZE8

Our Mission and Vision is to:

  • Create awareness of the plight of endangered wildlife such as the White Lions, Elephants, Whales and Dolphins, Wolves and all other endangered species on our planet.
  • Assist spiritually, financially and energetically those charities that focus on specific projects to help save our endangered wildlife species from extinction, such as the Global White Lion Protection Trust and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.
  • To provide a safe space for all humans called to re-awaken their instinctive connection with nature and to bring forth the “animal” within, through interspecies communication, leadership and personal developement.
  • Help each participant to embrace the values and ethics of nature’s laws.
  • Provide the opportunity to learn how as individuals we can make a difference.

Our adventures are a CALL TO ACTION….. for all wildlife and nature lovers! We know that without our reconnection with wildlife, and the sharing of our experiences, knowledge and understanding, we will very soon be living on a planet without some of the most precious and valuable species including the African Lion, Rhino, and Elephant.  So come and join us on one of journeys and be part of the change we want to see in the world.

We do these Adventures in Support of the Global White Protection Trust and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

A large percentage of the Donations paid by attendees on some of our adventures goes directly to the charities/projects we are supporting at grassroots level. 50% of any profit that is generated through the Conscious Leadingship Mentoring and Coaching  packages of my own business, goes to the support of specific projects for each of these Trusts. It is our way of giving back, contributing and getting ‘hands on’ with saving our planet’s endangered wildlife.

Come and join us on one of these amazing journey’s…….

Here is a wonderful online Channel called SafariLive, where you can experience a Safari in Africa without going – Enjoy! https://youtu.be/7vzgc_qSuKw 

We are big supporters of Purposeful Tourism and Conscious Business so we have taken the KeepitWild Pledge…

From the KeepItWild website: It’s simple, our choices create ripples that impact all living things. How we vote, what we buy, and what we stand up for. We know that many good people have no idea that when they choose to swim with dolphins they are fostering an industry that removes them from the wild, often violently. Many don’t know that when they choose to ride elephants they are forcing an animal into a life of unnatural servitude. Some people call this supply and demand. We call it wrong. We believe we can right much of this wrong, but only if we’re ready to work together, and that means Business + Media + Travelers. A triple force aimed to keep it wild. The KEEPitWILD Pledge is a commitment to choose only the travel experiences that follow ethical viewing and interaction standards. Read about the steps you can take in your life, and join a movement towards awareness and compassion for all living things. Ironically, it’s pretty simple too. More information can be found at their website www.seethewild.org

We also have promotional partners who help us to get our educational adventures out into the main stream market, as there is a growing interest and desire for travelers to experience more than just holidays or safaris. So we have partnered with Holidays for Humanity and Spiritual Journey’s Worldwide.

We realise that due to our limitations on numbers for our events, or for financial reasons, it is not always possible for people to join our “pride” or our groups when host our adventures. So here are some resources that will give you a taste of the wonderful energy of the Wildlife Trusts we support.


Other Resources

More information on the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust go to their website – www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org. They have beautiful art which you can purchase and other ways to donate and help support the elephants. They have a great ‘adoption’ programme which you can be part of too.

These great White Lion Leadership Oracle Wisdom Cards are so powerful and give you incredible guidance whenever you need it. The box set includes 65 cards (6 suits) and an 80 page booklet written and compiled by Linda Tucker.The artistry of the cards is unique and delightful, with photographs by Karen-Jane Dudley, Jason Turner and Leslie-Ann Staller; design by Lauren Rycroft. Also Linda’s new Book The 13 Laws – LionHearted Leadership.

Madeleine Walker who is a great advocate for the White Lions has also done an amazing White Lion meditation as part of her CD collection which I highly recommend! You can find it on Amazon herhttp://amzn.to/2uj923c.