What 2020 and Covid-19 is doing to change our world especially in wildlife tourism?

So wow this year started with so much promise as we hosted our first Wild Dolphin Adventure in Mozambique in February as I celebrated my 50th Birthday. A very special time for me personally but also for our Adventures as it was lovely to celebrate it with clients, family and new friends. We finished the trip with Dolphins in Mozambique with our Add on Tour to Kruger National Park and the amazing Eastern Transvaal trip. What an amazing experience that was as many lion, leopard, elephant, giraffe and many other animals were out and about for us to easily see so a real treat for those who had never been on a Safari live before. Thankfully our journey ended before the lockdown started happening globally as myself and my sister spent another 3 weeks in South Africa visiting friends and family.

As you can imagine this Covid-19 situation has really put a hold on wildlife tourism around the world. Now as much as nature loves not having the human impact affecting it so much, the organizations that help to protect them need the tourism income to help. Without that it threatens all the antipoaching projects, conservation, etc. 

Here is a video where I speak more about it all so enjoy! https://youtu.be/c9Kp6qDaz80