What’s happening in 2019!












We are thrilled to be organizing our 2nd Elephant Adventure to Kenya this year due to the popularity of our event last year. In addition we are also developing the Sacred Wildlife Project which should launch in May 2019.

Due to requests for our sea wildlife, we are now creating a Swimming with Dolphin adventure for around August 2019. So a busy year ahead but a very exciting one as stepping up this initiative and creating a truly awesome organization that delivers all kinds of immersive experiences online and trip to different locations.

It has been 5 years in the creation with wanting to test the model of Adventures to ensure maximum optimal enjoyment and the right balance of learning, impact, engagement and fun.

In 2018 we launched the Sacred Wildlife Project fundraising campaign, to allow up to build an online community, where we can share resources and information on all the exciting things happening in the world. We will soon be able to add all the elements of My Avatar Adventures and the Sacred Wildlife Project together. Our intention is to make a significant positive difference in highlighting many grassroots projects, that our community can participate in in whatever way they can.

2019 is going to be a year of many amazing things and we are thrilled to have so many people join us on the journey, who truly love animals and our planet.