Our Adventures are based on purposeful, transformative trips that go well beyond a traditional experience of a safari or wildlife encounter. We adventure at the invitation of our endangered wildlife, who requests us to visit, and we immerse ourselves into their habitat to learn from the ancient wisdom, behaviours and teachings they have to share.

These experiences are an extraordinary opportunity to explore your own heart, spirit, humanity and purpose. There is no experience on the planet like this, where you can learn life transforming wisdom, in such an immersive, safe and sacred environment.

The Model of our Adventures is very unique:

  • We focus on creating awareness of the plight of endangered wildlife such as the White Lions, Elephants, Whales and Dolphins, Wolves, Gorillas, Bears and all other endangered species on our planet.
  • Our adventure are always in support of a specific charity that focuses on grassroots projects to help save our endangered wildlife.These include thus far the Global White Lion Protection Trust,  Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the Dolphin Encountours Research Center.
  • Each Adventure has a specific animal we learn from via our interspecies communication training prior to the event and application thereof during the Adventures. We create an intimate opportunity for our guests to re-awaken their instinctive telepathic connection with nature and to bring forth the “animal” within.
  • We love to Contribution and give back with our time or/and resources.

We also embrace the 7 ‘C’ Principles of a Conscious Organization which are: Consciousness, Compassion, Co-creation, Collaboration, Contribution, Culture and Community. These are evident throughout of unique style, form and model of Adventure.

Our adventures are a….. CALL TO ACTION….. for all wildlife and nature lovers! We know that without our deeper reconnection to wildlife, and the sharing of our experiences, knowledge and understanding, we will very soon be living on a planet without some of the most precious and valuable species. So come and join us on one of Adventures and be part of the change we want to see in the world!