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Tamar is without doubt one of the most professional people I have ever worked with. Her ability to put on massive events with many speakers and her ability to delegate, motivate, and inspire rubs off on anyone who has the privilege to be part of her team. When you are working for Tamar you know what’s expected given the support needed to reach those expectations and the appreciation and acknowledgement when you have completed the tasks asked of you. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Tamar’s work. Whether you want her to run events for you or you want to be part of her team my advice is simple do it..... it makes sense!


Tamar is brilliant in her knowledge of what makes an event flow seamlessly and what people want and respond to. She is real, caring and goes to the nth degree to make sure you, as a speaker are taken care of and well informed. I'm stunned at her level of commitment and expertise. She is a joy to work with and truly a miracle-worker. I can't wait to have another event with Tamar and I recommend HIGHLY that if one has the opportunity to leap at it to work with Tamar - and to come to an event run by Tamar, you KNOW you'll be taken care of and it will be run with integrity and heart. LOVE you Tamar and SO grateful for the extraordinary service you provide. With much gratitude, Lynn

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